Our Clients Appreciate our IT Expertise

My dental office has had the distinct pleasure of working with Cyrus, sole owner of the Computer Technology Group, for the past ten years. He has been instrumental in introducing new computer technological advances to our dental office and tightening our HIPAA compliance requirements. I’ve always been impressed with his vast expanse of information technology knowledge, professionalism, punctuality, and most importantly, his bulletproof ethical personality. I never ever question any suggestion that Cyrus makes. He is always cognizant of our budgetary constraints.  Cyrus will only proffer what a mandatory upgrade proposal is, additionally, offer a nice optional improvement option, and NOT force upon me useless over-the-top sales tactics.  In summary, he is a man that I trust. There have been even a few occasions when I had to leave before Cyrus was done doing his upgrade. Without hesitation, I simply instructed that he locked the door behind me when he finished his computer task.

Cyrus has helped us with all types of hi-tech assignments in our dental office. He singlehandedly set up a complex network of new equipment. He was instrumental in backing up our data, calling up the software vendors to ensure the seamless upgrade of our hardware, and necessary security updates. Cyrus was also called upon for helping us transition and upgrade to digital imaging.

Most importantly, Cyrus was quick to come to our rescue when we were faced with a catastrophic attack by ransomware when a careless employee triggered the mishap. Cyrus arrived expediently and analyzed the situation logically and calmly. His problem-solving skills were tested severely then.  He actually made our staff feel much more comfortable and relaxed during a most difficult time period. It was not easy, but we got through that ordeal as painlessly as possible thanks to Cyrus.

I wholeheartedly recommend Cyrus and Computer Technology Group for all residences and businesses. His fees are very fair and competitive, but you get 5-star service and expertise with that.  That is simply priceless.

Stanley Wong, DDS - Dentistry

Computer Technology Group and Mr. Cyrus Shiva have been providing IT services to our Ob/Gyn practice for over 4 years. We made a decision to try their services after conducting a significant amount of research and getting feedback from similar medical practices where CTG was already a service provider. After interviewing the “final contenders”, comparing their skill set, pricing model and most importantly the response times, we made a decision to give CTG a try. They definitely did not disappoint us.

The company was instrumental in updating our IT infrastructure, identified deficiencies, made recommendations, and upon approval quickly implemented them. Most importantly CTG was stellar during a very complex and tedious process of transition to the EPIC electronic medical records system. They worked together with us, EPIC, and a number of other vendors involved in this process, and EPIC was up and running at our office in no time. Like with everything new, we had some technical issues at the beginning, and CTG was always quick to solve them. Most of the time within 1-2 hours Mr. Cyrus Shiva was at our office fixing the problem, which reduced our downtime to a negligible level.

Just like in medicine, CTG understands and promotes problem prevention. They regularly initiate and conduct system maintenance. They make sure that all systems are up-to-date, adequately secured, which results in the virtual elimination of problems. I do not recall when was the last time we had to contact CTG and request urgent help, as all systems have been running very smoothly.

Lastly, based on all the comparisons we conducted, we believe that CTG services are very competitively priced, which for us, a small, private Ob/Gyn office is critical. At no point in time, we felt as if we are at the mercy of the IT company, something that we have seen with others.

CTG and Mr. Cyrus Shiva are highly ethical, very professional, knowledgeable, while maintaining a very low-key demeanor, always willing to help and educate.

Selection of CTG was one of the best business decisions we made and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for highest quality IT services.


“This review of ComTecGroup and Cyrus, in particular, is long overdue.  I have been in private internal medicine practice since 2006 and I have been fortunate enough to have Cyrus help us with our tech needs since then.  We built our business fro the ground up and Cyrus was an integral part of our success.  He helped design, build, and implement our complex in-office network.  He worked closely with our EHR vendor and did a great job by ensuring that all of our in-office networks is secure and works properly.  In the ever-changing world of medicine technological part cannot be overlooked and Cyrus pays close attention to the littlest of details.  He provides sound advise on needed equipment and goes an extra mile to actually purchase everything, deliver to the office, and assemble.  He provides honest advise on equipment and never pushes a more expensive product.  By doing so he becomes the sought-after “one stop shop’ where he does everything.  Because of that, when things break or get out of order (which computers, routers, and modems invariably do) he knows exactly what is wrong and how to fix it.  He is very patient and he always tries to get the root of the problem to make sure things are done correctly.  His availability is second to none: he answers his phone on the first ring and replies to emails within minutes.  A couple of time during past years we’ve had equipment and network issues and Cyrus has always been able come in on the same day and fix it.  With Cyrus by our side we feel confident that the tech part of our business is safe, sound, and secure. And last, but not least, what makes Cyrus stand above the rest is his personality: no matter day or time he always has a big smile on his face with a can-do attitude.   Not that we ever wish to have an equipment failure but when we do, at least we know we are in great hands with Cyrus. -Alexander Lakowsky, MD”

Dr. Alaexander Lakowsky - Premier Medical Care

We have been using ComTechGroup for over 12 years and we are extremely satisfied with their service. They are prompt when called and are able to handle any issues related to our network be it software or hardware. CTG has helped our company grow by keeping us current with changing technologies. I am happy to discuss their services with anyone who is interested. Please feel free to contact me at alano@rodgerstrucking.com. I highly recommend the services provided by CTG.

Alan Osofsky - President

ComTecGroup has been our outside IT consultant for many years. Their service has been outstanding. Cyrus has taken care of obtaining and installing new servers, workstations and our network in addition to software upgrades such as ACAD and our Anti-virus software. His availability and expertise have allowed me to concentrate on my work and not the data system.

Mike Voigtlander - BWF Consulting Engineers

CTG has always been there for us on a phone call away. Quality equipment and “Beyond the call of Duty” service. Cyrus is Johnny on the Spot and has either answered the phone or returned calls within 15 minutes. CTG is up to date with all the latest technology.


Golden Gate Meat Company

Computer Technology Group has been helping us with our IT needs for the past 3 years and we are extremely satisfied with their service and promptness when they are called. They have an excellent knowledge of computer related issues and are able to handle any challenges related to our computer equipment be it software or hardware. ComTecGroup has helped our company grow by keeping us current with the rapid changes in this industry and newer technologies. I am happy to discuss their quality services with anyone who is interested.

Linn Green - Green Packing Inc. Hayward, California

Cyrus has worked on my computers at my business and home – installation was always easy and cost effective – He’s very knowledgeable and seems like he can make a computer dance – you won’t find anyone you can trust more. He has great recommendations and is an expert with compatibility issues.


Steve Gando - Gando Design